Meet the Teacher

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Being a successful teacher and a fundraiser have been two innate gifts that I have discovered about myself when I was faced with either paying personally for my doctorate degree or giving it up!

To fund my Ph.D., I therefore became a self-taught fundraiser and I taught mathematics, physics, English and French privately, in colleges and universities.

By word of mouth, my lecturing and tutoring skills and success rate of my students became evident.

One of my students found an original way to describe my educational skills to her parents...'Abdellah is a good explainer and listener' she said!

The fact that I am an experienced educator means that when you become my patient you will have the certainty of being listened to, respected and looked after by a conscientious therapist.

During your healing session, only one person counts: IT IS YOU!!

Just as for my successful students who have now forged their own careers, I will guide you patiently and step-by-step until you successfully reach your optimal health.

The success secret of an outstanding educator is the same as for being an exceptional energy healer: Both of them must have the rare and commendable ability of putting themselves in the shoes of their students or patients to help them fulfill their deepest and dearest goals and aspirations!

In this respect, I have managed to combine my teaching and healing skills to become a successful and experienced healer and educator in the field of complementary and alternative medicine.

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