A Heartfelt Invitation To You All!

A heartfelt invitation to you all at the Eden Healing Centre in Vancouver BC, wherever you are!!

A warm and sincere invitation to you all to meet me in person is the best ending for this section.

You are more than welcome to come to the Eden Healing Centre in Vancouver to experience what Energy Healing can do for you and to learn how to awaken and use you own healing powers.

We are all born with these self-healing powers…if only we know how to use them! The mission of the Eden Healing Centre is to show you how!

I am not only a healing therapist but a healer of a conscientious and caring kind who believes that when he carries out a task he must carry it well to perfection with his heart and mind.

Whether it is in London-UK or in Vancouver-Canada, I feel that I have a mission to accomplish which is to demystify energy healing therapy and put it within the range of everyone so that its beneficial therapy is felt and enjoyed by all.

I truly look forward to meeting you to help you optimize your health the natural way – the best way!

The positive results of energy healing are truly a rewarding and wonderful sight to behold!

May you be blessed with good health – the greatest treasure of all times!

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